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Wonder Forest Watercolour Brush Set

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As a watercolour artist and animal lover, I wanted to create a brush that not only performed amazingly, but was made of 100% synthetic brush fibres. The bristles of these brushes are incredibly soft, absorbent, and as flexible as genuine fur based brushes. The tips of the brushes are pointed to razor precision for the finest detail work, no matter the size!

  • Bristles: 100% Synthetic and cruelty free! Ultra pointed tip allows for incredible detail
  • Wood handle: premium slim design for comfort and control
  • Ferrule: Brass with a rose gold finish
  • Flexibility: bristles snap right back to a point without fraying
  • Each brush comes individually wrapped and protected in a package of 6

A set of 6 includes brush sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

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Please allow 7-14 business days for arrival to the US and International destinations. Brushes ship from our Canadian studio via Air mail.

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100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

It’s tough to find an affordable synthetic brush that works the same as real fur brushes, which is exactly why we wanted to fill this niche!  After nearly a year of testing, our exclusive fibre combination hit all of the marks. Our brushes are soft, flexible, and able to hold water extremely well. And best of all, they are created without harming any animals.

Precision Tip

The ultra pointed tip allows for detail unlike any other. Even with the largest brush size, tiny marks are still possible.

Slim Comfort Grip

With a slimmer profile, Wonder Forest watercolour brushes are comfortable to hold and allow for even better brush control.

One Set For Everything

With a set of 6 premium quality brushes, you’ll have every size you’ll need for all of your projects without the hefty price tag of individual brushes.

What our customers have to say…

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 1.5 cm

9 reviews for Wonder Forest Watercolour Brush Set

  1. Lucie (Verified Customer)

    They contain lot of paint. They are smaller than some other brands but I find the tip a bit too soft.

  2. Wendy (Verified Customer)

    love these brushes

  3. Kalpanaben P. (Verified Customer)

  4. FRANCES P. (Verified Customer)

    I reallly like these brushes. Great detail brushes.

  5. Angie G. (Verified Customer)

    Great product for the price, and they are gorgeous! However, after 3-4 months of using them, 2 of the brushes are frayed. I can’t really use them anymore unfortunately.

  6. Eileen G. (Verified Customer)

    These are really nice brushes! I have been trying to use mostly synthetic brushes lately and I am very glad that I bought these—much nicer than your average synthetic.

  7. Denise K. (Verified Customer)

    I love this set of brushes! They arrived quickly. They work wonderfully with watercolors. I love how no animals are harmed to produce these brushes. Great collection of sizes. Definitely would recommend them, & purchase more from Wonder Forest Store. Prices are affordable for a great value.

  8. Emily (Verified Customer)

    These brushes are well made and come in a great variety of sizes! They work very well for the Watercolor with Me books, and any other projects!

  9. Char (Verified Customer)

    I purchased my first set of these brushes about a year ago and love them! Easy to order and prompt shipment. My daughters are very artistic so this past Christmas, Santa gave them each a set of Koi water colours and Wonder Forest brushes. They now appreciate the difference of “starter” sets vs. the enjoyment of using quality brushes as they dabble in the wonderful world of water colour. I highly recommend these brushes!

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