Premium Watercolour Brush Set

Premium Watercolour Brush Set

(63 customer reviews)


Introducing our 100% synthetic premium brush set. This set includes 6 round ultra pointed brushes.

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we love animals 100% synthetic fibers = no animal fur
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Your new favourite brushes

As a watercolour artist and animal lover, I wanted to create a brush that not only performed amazingly, but was made of 100% synthetic brush fibres. The bristles of these brushes are incredibly soft, absorbent, and as flexible as genuine fur based brushes. The tips of the brushes are pointed to razor precision for the finest detail work, no matter the size!


  • Bristles: 100% Synthetic and cruelty free!
  • Ultra pointed tip allows for incredible detail
  • Wood handle: premium slim design for comfort and control
  • Ferrule: Brass with a rose gold finish
  • Flexibility: bristles snap right back to a point without fraying
  • Each brush comes individually wrapped and protected in a package of 6
  • A set of 6 includes brush sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Brush Care

All of our brushes come with a thin adhesive layer over the bristles to protect from fraying during shipping.  Please always run your brush under water and agitate lightly to remove the coating before use.

Never leave your brush sitting in water. Lay flat to dry to preserve shape.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

It’s tough to find an affordable synthetic brush that works the same as real fur brushes, which is exactly why we wanted to fill this niche!  After nearly a year of testing, our exclusive fibre combination hit all of the marks. Our brushes are soft, flexible, and able to hold water extremely well. And best of all, they are created without harming any animals.

Precision Tip

The ultra pointed tip allows for detail unlike any other. Even with the largest brush size, tiny marks are still possible.


Slim Comfort Grip

With a slimmer profile, Wonder Forest watercolour brushes are comfortable to hold and allow for even better brush control.

One Set For Everything

With a set of 6 premium quality brushes, you’ll have every size you’ll need for all of your projects without the hefty price tag of individual brushes.


What our customers have to say…

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63 reviews for Premium Watercolour Brush Set

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  1. Linda Clarke (Verified Customer)

    The service was excellent and so are the paint brushes. The brushes are so good, in fact, that I bought a second set not long after I bought the first set. Don’t want to take any chances of not having a new set on hand.

  2. Linda (Verified Customer)

    This is my third set. The quality, precision and longevity of these brushes far exceed any others I have used in the last 8 years. Very affordable. They are my favorite.

  3. Toni M. (Verified Customer)

  4. Mayke W. (Verified Customer)

    Love my new brush set!

  5. Juliet (Verified Customer)

    I really love the brushes, my art teacher had them but only few people got to use them and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I ended up making an art piece that got to be put in an art show.

  6. Lorrie S. (Verified Customer)

    I love these brushes. Nice points and feels good in my hands…great quality …

  7. Rodzlin (Verified Customer)

    good quality brush! 👌

  8. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Love the fine point. I am able to use the belly for broader strokes and then point for fine lines. Very happy.

  9. Lolly (Verified Customer)

    Love these brushes – beauty and function top notch!

  10. Jennifer (Verified Customer)

    Love love love the softness of the brush with a lot of spring and super point!!

  11. Paula Muro Escalona (Verified Customer)

    Me encantan tus pinceles son fantásticos. 🥰🌷

    Image #1 from Paula Muro Escalona
  12. Sandy (Verified Customer)

    This is my second set of these brushes, and they have become my favorites. Nice points that keep their shape, and the brushes are just firm enough for my work.

  13. Teresa Litchfield (Verified Customer)

    I was turned on to the Wonder Forest Brushes by a friend and I am so impressed with their quality and performance!!! I’m loving all of them!

  14. Daniela Bednarova (Verified Customer)

    Great range of sizes in set! Beautiful point on all of them. And rose gold coloring – right up my alley. Thinking what will be my next brush!

  15. Beverly (Verified Customer)

    Bought a set for myself and I love them so this new purchase is for friends bday later this month. I know she will love them as much as I do.

  16. Elizabeth (Verified Customer)

  17. Jennifer R. (Verified Customer)

    I am in love with these brushes. I reach for these even before my sables.

  18. Laura L. (Verified Customer)

    Wonderful brushes, they’re soft but make a nice tip, absorb enough water and paint and work great!

  19. Jenna V. (Verified Customer)

  20. Sandy (Verified Customer)

    These brushes were the perfect flexibility for me. Some brushes are too soft, and these are just right! Thank you!☺️

  21. Peggy B. (Verified Customer)

    These brushes are great. They hold their shape, have a fabulous tip and paint beautifully. Very pleased with them!

  22. Jackie (Verified Customer)

    Love these brushes, they are just soft enough, and have great point

  23. Nancy T. (Verified Customer)

    Love how the brushes keep their points. The handles are comfortable.

  24. Arjen Bor (Verified Customer)

  25. Sandra Castillo (Verified Customer)

    These are fantastic! Really make a difference using great quality brushes.

  26. Jayne Woodward (Verified Customer)

    These brushes really are the very best, I’ve tried other brands but these by far out perform any others. I feel if left alone for too long they could be like the soucerers apprentice and paint by themselves. They are 100% my favorites. And pink too (who doesn’t love pink).

  27. Janice (Verified Customer)

    Love the brushes love your books

  28. Frances C. (Verified Customer)

    I really like the super-fine tips these brushes have and the spring in the bristles. They are not as soft as the Princeton Aqua elite watercolor brushes but have a finger tip for thin lines.

  29. Catherine (Verified Customer)

    Love the sharp points on the brushes.

  30. Terri Grosser (Verified Customer)

  31. Sandy M. (Verified Customer)

    These brushes are beautiful! But they aren’t just about the looks, they are incredible quality enabling me to use them for every aspect of my paintings. The fine tip allows for delicate details and the belly holds a good amount of water so I don’t have to load up as often while I work.

    Image #1 from Sandy M.
  32. Jayne W. (Verified Customer)

    These really are the best brushes I’ve ever used. They hold just the right amount of water and they feel like you are painting on silk they are so smooth! I have been using them for a year now and have recently bought my second set (because if anything happened to them I really would be heart broken). I cannot recomend them highly enough. They are a must have! Xxx

  33. Donna MacDonald (Verified Customer)

    Brushes are just what I was looking for watercolour projects. Holds point beautifully for detail work. Would order again.

  34. Kathy (Verified Customer)

    These are the best brushes! The point is perfect and the brush holds water. So nice that a synthetic is superior to sables costing so much more. Will order again!

  35. Monica Grevera (Verified Customer)

    I love these watercolor brushes! They not only hold a lot of water and are shaped really well for watercolor, but they are so beautiful to look at. Thank you for this great product.

    Image #1 from Monica Grevera
    Image #2 from Monica Grevera
  36. Sheri S. (Verified Customer)

    These brushes are affordable and work amazing with my paints. Highly recommend

  37. Maggie M. (Verified Customer)

  38. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  39. Ziva Friedman (Verified Customer)

    I love them, hairs do not come out, nice and pointy when dry. No complaints.

  40. Irene MacKenzie (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been watercolour painting for many years and am so impressed with these brushes! The packaging was lovely too. Highly recommend!

  41. Harmony (Verified Customer)

    Love these!

  42. Dawn Reaume (Verified Customer)

    Love, Love, Love!!!

  43. Lynn Young (Verified Customer)

    These are the most amazing brushes! The stay at a point and hold the paint well, after trying many different brushes I have finally found ones I truly love.

  44. Betty J. (Verified Customer)

    I like the brushes very much and they do keep their point.

  45. Heather V. (Verified Customer)

    Very nice product. It holds its shape after many uses. The brush length and weight are just right. I love the colors of the brushes as well. They hold water exceptionally. I have bought many store-brand brushes and they all ended up losing their shape and hardly would retain water in the bristles. I thought it was my paper until purchasing these. 10/10 would recommend to beginners and experts alike.

  46. Tammy (Verified Customer)

    This brush set has quickly become my “go to” set. I have only been painting for two years and have purchased so many brushes. I wish I had purchased these in the beginning. They have incredible tips that are holding up really well after several months of use and hold a lot of water for a synthetic. And the price is great for such quality brushes!

  47. barbara l. (Verified Customer)

  48. Didi Irwin (Verified Customer)

    I absolutely LOVE my Wonder Forest paintbrushes! As a beginner, I relied on the recommendations of artists whose work I admired and they led me to this WONDERFUL company, right here in Canada! The brushes are a joy to paint with and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  49. Karen F. (Verified Customer)

    Lovely to use!!

  50. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

  51. Felicia (Verified Customer)

    I absolutely LOVE these brushes! The water they hold, how they keep their shape, the pretty pink and rose gold vibe😍 my favorite brushes, probably even over my Princeton Neptune and snap brushes.

  52. Char (Verified Customer)

    I purchased my first set of these brushes about a year ago and love them! Easy to order and prompt shipment. My daughters are very artistic so this past Christmas, Santa gave them each a set of Koi water colours and Wonder Forest brushes. They now appreciate the difference of “starter” sets vs. the enjoyment of using quality brushes as they dabble in the wonderful world of water colour. I highly recommend these brushes!

  53. Emily (Verified Customer)

    These brushes are well made and come in a great variety of sizes! They work very well for the Watercolor with Me books, and any other projects!

  54. Denise K. (Verified Customer)

    I love this set of brushes! They arrived quickly. They work wonderfully with watercolors. I love how no animals are harmed to produce these brushes. Great collection of sizes. Definitely would recommend them, & purchase more from Wonder Forest Store. Prices are affordable for a great value.

  55. Eileen G. (Verified Customer)

    These are really nice brushes! I have been trying to use mostly synthetic brushes lately and I am very glad that I bought these—much nicer than your average synthetic.

  56. FRANCES P. (Verified Customer)

    I reallly like these brushes. Great detail brushes.

  57. Kalpanaben P. (Verified Customer)

  58. Wendy (Verified Customer)

    love these brushes

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